Is a young and rapidly growing company with over more then 25 years of experience in the development, the production and the sale of home textiles. Today, our products are exported to various countries.  Hereby the marketing and clear strategy play an important role.


A unique broad mix of items is conceptually developed by our design studio. Colors and materials are aligned in consultation with our clients. Every season, current collections are being developed with innovative products.  * Beanbags * Carpets * Hockers * Pillows * Plaids * Table Linen* Ready to use Curtains...


All our article are produced and packed in our own warehouse according to our customers' wishes. With over more then 10,000 m2 of logistics space, we can guarantee our customers a fast and accurate delivery.


Van Baal Textiles was founded in the early eighties and has axperienced a steady growth since then.The diversity of products have ensured that we have gained a broad knowledge in home textiles. This makes us well acquainted with imports from the Far East. The made investments in production and packaging machines have increased our flexibility and service.


Van Baal Textiles is aware of all the trends in home textiles. Whether it is an overal concept, involving different products to be aligned, or stand alone product development, we always insure a renewal of colors, materials and presentations. In consultation with our customers a product or collection is created in close collaboration with various design studios.


Our dedicated employees are the foundation of Van Baal Textiles. Every day our employees are working enthusiastically on the orders of our customers. The administrative staff are set to the specific needs of our customers. EDI applications are tailored do suit our customers. Our employees are on hand to answer any of your questions.


The deliveries are carefully planned and executed by the production staff to ensure consistent quality. The logistics department will deliver your goods accurate and as agreed.



Stands for modern carpets both woven as tufted. The carpets are imported from the Far East in various materials and yarn. By keeping materials and yarn on stock at the factories we can realise fast productions. This also gives us the possibility to offer custom made carpets in various collections.

There is also much attention paid to the development of the packaging, so it meets EU standards. In presentation we are constantly working on innovative ideas. We therefore offer different ways to present the collections in boxes or displays! It goes without saying that the carpets and/or presentation material will be deliverd encoded according to your wishes.



This is the production unit of Van Baal Textiles. Because of the variety of products we are working with, we have invested in different sorts of filling machines. Bij importing the cushion covers and filling them in our own warehouse (fibrefill machines) we have created flexibility. The productions are tailored to the customer. Whether it's vacuum packaging or labeling, all products are supplied in the discussed manner. Several times a year new collections are being determined. All new developments in fashion are being translated into attractive and affordable pillow collections. These are then offered in different display boxes which can be placed directly in the stores.

There are also total concepts developed for this productgroup which can be combined and coordinated with our other product groups.


Our dog cushions and beanbags. This brand is designed for extern distributors abroad. Van Baal Textiles is always the creator and designer of new products that are distributed to various customers. Stocks are controlled and maintained in Breda, this of course with the use of our EPS silos. Wooff is a relatively young brand with cheeky features. The pet supplies industry is seen as a new challenge, where our goal is to pull fashion textile trends to our largest family friends! Wooff is very well supported by display sales plans.


Is Van Baal Textiles’ Private Label for ready made curtains. In this article group we are a rapidly growing player, especially given the possible combinations with our other textile products. Beau Home represents good basic collections in innovative materials and colors. Curtains with rings, loops or curtain tape finishes can be determined by our customer. In addition, great attention si paid to the packaging mBesides, we also pay attention to the packaging so that the presentation is finished as as desired. We gladly discuss the possibilities of printing or flock-printing fabrics.


Overseas brings a modern mix of textileproducts like plaids combined with pillows and linens. By using many different materials and qualities Overseas is a collection that appeals to a broad audience. The emphasis is placed on luxury and comfortable living without losing sight of the price. Precisely this program is good to apply concepts so we would be happy to discuss teh possibilities with you.


Beanbags have taken an important position in the company. trough constant research and development we bring a wide range of products, new materials, but also new shapes and applications in already existing qualities. All products are filled in the production units in Breda. By working with different EPS (Styrofoam) silos, we are able to anticipate rapidly on the demand. The quantities are only produced on demand so we are able to reliev our customers from their inventoryl. By using sealing and strapping machines we can deliver according to the wishes of our customers. It is also possible to deliver in display boxes which can be placed directly in the stores!